TM 108 Trace Mineral Drop Boost up immune system (60ml)
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TM 108 Trace Mineral Drop Boost up immune system (60ml)
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Price RM77.40 RM129.00
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  • TM108 is 100% natural. 100% engineered by nature
  • This product is classified as food by Food, Safety and Quality Department, Ministry of Health Malaysia. (KKM-163/S/25 Jld. 162)
  • Supports all 20,000 hormonal body functions
  • Enhances immune system
  • Protects from bacteria & viruses
  • Repair body cells
  • Helps recovery process
  • Halal product

TM 108 Trace Mineral Drop Boost up immune system (60ml)

Product Descriptions

TM108 is a Nutrional Revolution for one simple reason: it's a completely natural, pure electrolite, created by Mother Nature herself. It contains all the minerals required by all living organisms - human, plant and animal - in the exact proportions determined by nature because - it is 100% Engineered by nature.

It's a fact gaining wide-spread acceptance - there is a significant increase in the amount of illnesses linked to mineral deficiencies. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has acknowledged this. Research pinpoints it to the lack of minerals in our soil today due to modern farming and industrialiation. Minerals are gained ONLY via the food we eat. And it's increasingly clear that the food we eat is no longer rich in the minerals our body requires for good health.


Why Minerals?
The importance of minerals cannot be overstated as they create the healthy environment in a body in which vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats work optimally to bring about health and healing. Ocean water is the richest life sustaining and life enhancing source of minerals and trace elements on the planet. Even the blood plasma in which a fetus develops is, chemically speaking, almost identical to ocean water. This is not a coincidence.

Our modern day agriculture and food processing systems have severely stripped many vital minerals from our soils and our foods thus causing potential grave mineral deficiencies in our bodies. Tests showed half the level of minerals in foods grown now compared to 1949.  Even drinking water is devoid of the necessary minerals due to common water purification and filtering systems.


Is this a chemical-base or drug-related product ?
NOT AT ALL! The beauty of TM 108 is that it is COMPLETELY FREE OF ANY CHEMICAL OR DRUG. It is merely Ocean Water in its most natural form, concentrated and sodium-reduced. This is why it is 100% Engineered by Nature - because the balanced proportions of major minerals and trace elements in it is  completely undisturbed by man as it is determined by the Ocean itself.

TM 108 is registered and certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health under the Food Category (KKM-163/S/25 Jld 132). In fact, every bottle of TM 108 carries with it the guaratee of Safety from the Food & Agriculture Laboratories of Australia Pty. Ltd. (F.A.L.A).


The Benefits

You will experience these benefits within 2-3 weeks of taking liquid minerals on a daily basis

  • Boost up immune system
  • Mentally more alert
  • More resistant to bacteria and viruses
  • increase in libido(sex drive)
  • Improved blood circulation
  • More physical energy
  • More youthful skin
  • Stronger finger nails
  • Thicker hair


How To Use:

Energize Your Drinking Water:
Add 10-15 drops per quart(liter) of water to turn plain wwater into healthy alkalizing mineral rich water.

Low Sodium Mineral Rich Cooking
Use as a safe and mineral rich addition in cooking, Add 10-15 drops to salad dressings and meals for full flavor low sodium and mineral rich alternative salt.

Excellent Electrolyte 
Simply add to morning smoothies or post workout shakes. For the active person, make your own sugar free electrolyte solution. 


Product Highlights

  • TM108 is 100% Natural. 100% Engineered by Nature
  • This product is classified as food by Food, Safety and Quality Department, Ministry of Health Malaysia. (KKM-163/S/25 Jld. 162)
  • Supports all 20,000 hormonal Body Functions
  • Enhances Immune System
  • Protects from Bacteria & Viruses
  • Repair Body Cells
  • Helps Recovery Process
  • Halal Product



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